Nothing to wear!

I had a blog-worthy weekend!  I repacked my kitchen cupboards, made coconut milk, bread and cashew nut spread.  Cleaned out my wardrobe and went clothes shopping and then went on an awesome local food adventure!

Women and clothes have a special and complex relationship.  I will fill you in on a secret.  When a woman says: “Honey, I have nothing to wear!” she is usually full of  it. Except me this weekend.  I woke up to realized that I really, truly had NOTHING to wear. I got 2 large boxes out of the garage and filled them with all the clothes that no longer fit me. It turned out to be more than 80% of my wardrobe.  I thought this would be a joyous occasion, but I had mixed feelings about it, to be honest.  I really hate all the clothes I chucked out, so no loss there.  The problem is what to wear now?  I don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes which I hope to have to turf out again in a few months’ time. I briefly considered, and rejected, the idea of joining a nudist colony 😛  Then went off to the shop to buy a few items that I hope will allow me to get by for a bit longer.  Tried to go for things that would be suitable to wear both to yoga class and to the office to save money – not an easy task but I sort of managed!  Came away with 3 tops and 3 pairs of trousers that I was very happy with.  Especially a really cute pair of jeans with embroidery down the side.  Haven’t had anything that sexy in my wardrobe in a very long time!

The fun part was for a change I had to go back for smaller sizes instead of bigger ones.  Ended up buying in a size I last wore 10 years ago!  So that somewhat cheered me up after the tragic demise of my ex-wardrobe.  I still shop in the plus sized store and have a long way to go to my “dream” size, but it is wonderful to finally have a few things to wear that I am excited about!  Although I am sure I will be sick of them soon as I am going to have to wear them very frequently for the time being 😦

Any other women losing weight?  What do you do about clothes during the process?  Any suggestions welcome!

3 thoughts on “Nothing to wear!

  1. Coming soon! I know I have written a lot about food because I really think that is the biggest part of the battle as well as the most exciting part of the solution. But exercise is absolutely critical and I have some posts lined up to discuss this. Sneak preview: tackle exercise like you do food – go for maximum variety, enjoyment and sustainability. Mix it up and do something you love enough to keep doing on a regular basis!

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